The One Thing You Should Never Do At The Gym

March 15, 2012
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The One Thing You Should Never Do At The Gym 

The worst machine in the gym

It’s interesting what money will make people do. I envision some inventor for a fitness equipment company sitting at his desk one day when his wife walks in to tell him what a nightmare her pap smear was. Then he starts thinking, “Hey, people go to the gym to torture themselves…”

And the hip adduction machine was born.

But that is not the worst machine in the gym; it’s merely useless. In fact, there are plenty of useless machines in the gym. There are others that are half decent. Before I go on my rant, I will say that I have occasion to use some of the basic machines.

I always start off with free weights. But you reach a point after several sets when you’re feeling pretty done for. The gas tank is low but not empty. Any further free weights are unthinkable, but you can pound out a couple more reps on a machine to finish things off and really earn that beer. I do that sometimes. See, you can use machines and not be a bad person.

But there is one machine that deserves to be soaked in napalm and hurled into an active volcano. This machine masquerades as being useful while is pretty useless. (more…)