It’s Getting Heavy

May 15, 2012
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MFC Staff Curtis Ledger

The heavyweight giants of the MFC are preparing to make a comeback at MFC 34: Total Recall.   Let the predictions, projections, and proclamations begin.   Now that MMA’s most powerful weight class is returning, fans and fighters are bound to ask the questions  who will be fighting, who will be winning, and how much excitement can the MFC drum up for the big men.  These questions will be answered over time, but who wants to wait?   Let’s consider some possibilities right now, and think about first things first.  Who should be, would be, or could be signed?

With the rejuvenation of the weight class, it may be wishful thinking to assume it will be immediately filled with top 20 heavyweights.   Building the weight class with promising prospects, venerable veterans, and flashy fighters can create hype around the division and attract more and more top talent. Canadian UFC veteran, Tim Hague, has already signed on as a great start.   This is the time for old stars to find new life and new stars to come to life in the MFC.   Let’s consider some possibilities.  Some of them, of course, are more possible than others, but it can’t hurt to dream.


Vaughn Anderson

The MFC has its roots in Canada, and the organization has always been a place to showcase some of the best fighters from one of the best fighting nations.  Why not showcase more Canadian talent?   On the upside, Vaughn is Canadian, 15-1-1, and has competed at heavyweight.  On the downside, he lives in China, fights in China, and usually competes at 170. 


Todd Duffee

You think Tim Hague wants a shot at redemption from his knockout loss to Duffee in 2009?    This would be an incredible way to kick off the heavyweight division in the MFC.  Please, Mark.  Make it happen!

Brett Rogers

Rogers had a phenomenal start to his professional MMA career before getting derailed by some of the best in the world.   The man has his haters, but those haters may fail to remember 3 of his 4 career losses came to Fedor Emelianenko, Alistair Overeem, and Josh Barnett.   That’s a tough run for anyone in the division; furthermore, this is a guy who’s gone to decision only twice in 15 fights.  (more…)